ZTT FTTX Solutions:

Rapid growth of high-bandwidth internet applications and home entertainment applications in the past decade accelerated the deployment of next generation network infrastructure. Fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) is widly known as the best way to meet end user demand on ultra-high speed data communication.

ZTT provides turn-key FTTx solution, from Central office to district, building and finally, to the services subscriber. With our comprehensive and reliable solutions, your network deployment will be optimized.


District deployment:
1. Aerial access
Aerial Drop Cable: Messenger wire provide extra tensile strength for aerial access. UV proof steath.
2. Underground access

Armored Duct/Buried Cable: Protected form moisture. High crash resistance. Suitable for long-haul transmission.
3. Sewer pipe access
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Premises distribution

Indoor Distribution Cable: Enhanced pulling strength by Aramid yarn. Suitable for high-rise network deployment.
FTTx Ribbon Cable: Tiny and easy-to-slit design improve network deployment efficiency.

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Home connection
FTTx Drop Cable: Excellent pulling strength. Easy-to-slit design. Tailor-made for FTTH in-house connection.
FTTx Indoor-Lite Cable: Super tiny design for additional duct insertion. Light in weight. Easy-to-slit design.
Super Flexi-Bend Patch Cord: Kink free, bending insensitive and compact design. Suitable for desktop optical unit connection.
ZTT Easy-Bend Fiber: Bending insensitive performance according to ITU G.657 standard.

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