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Privacy Policy

This policy sets forth the commitment of ZTT Cable to comply with applicable law to protect the privacy of your personal information when it is collected or used by ZTT Cable in the course of conducting ZTT Cable business. Globally, ZTT Cable will, and will cause its affiliates to, establish and maintain business procedures that are consistent with this policy.

ZTT Cable is committed to comply with all applicable laws to protect the privacy of your personal information. ZTT Cable will, from time to time, review its personal information collection, use, and disclosure practices in order to assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

ZTT Cable will give notice to you, at the time when personal information is collected or as soon as practicable thereafter, as required by applicable law. The notice will explain the purposes for which your personal information will be used.   Personal information ZTT Cable has collected from you will not be used to directly market any ZTT Cable products or services to you unless that possibility has been disclosed to you and an opportunity not to participate has been given to you.
To the extent that applicable law requires an explicit consent for the collection and use of sensitive personal information, ZTT Cable will maintain processes and procedures to make sure that sensitive information is collected with explicit consent. ?

ZTT Cable will collect and use personal information consistent with the notice(s) that has been provided to you or as otherwise required by law. ZTT Cable reserves the right to remove identifiable features from collected personal information so that the resulting information may then be used for statistical, historic, scientific or other purposes without the need for any additional consent.

ZTT Cable will use reasonable efforts to maintain the security and integrity of personal information it collects from you.

If you have any questions about these policy, please contact us.


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