OPGW (Optical ground wire) cable is a special kind of electrical ground wire. Apart from functions as a conventional ground wire, to protect the transmission line from lighting and short circuit current, OPGW also provide a data communication channel with the optic fiber inside the cable. By combining the function of grounding and data communication into one cable, OPGW deployment considerably reduce the cost of overhead transmission system.

With the state-of-the-art manufacturing process and stringent quality control, more than 100,000km of ZTTˇ¦s OPGW has been deployed in some 60 countries of the world, gain high reputation in the field. ZTTˇ¦s OPGW solutions included system analysis, cable design, installation, construction supervising and technical support.

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OPGW Knowledge
Overhead Transmission System

OPGW: Dual performance of ground wires with communication capabilities.
OPPC: Dual performance functions of phase conductors with communication capabilities.
ADSS: Non-metallic self-supporting optical fiber cables directly between two power towers.
MASS: Metallic self-supporting optical fiber cables directly between two power towers.



Optical Unit Design
ˇ´ Stainless Steel Tube With Inner Plastic Sheath Optical Unit
  Manufacturing ideally combine the optical fiber second coating craftwork with the advanced laser welding steel tube technique. It could effectively protect fibers from burr and sawtooths, precisely control the fibers excess length, and increase the horizontal fluid penetration characteristic of stainless steel tube.
ˇ´ Stainless steel tube
  Manufactured by laser welding-drawing at gas protecting technique. The on-line eddy-current detection monitoring whole drawing process simotaneously to avoid dummy wedding, leak welding etc.
ˇ´ Al-covered stainless steel tube
  Manufactured by combining the advanced laser welding steel tube technique, with continuous extrusion & cladding Al tube technology. It could effectively improve the electric characteristics such as short-circuit current and lightning performance, and evidently increase corrosion and crush resistance.

Central Stainless Tube Type
Structure Characteristic and Application
  • Small cable diameter and short-circuit current capacity, light weight
  • Obtain appropriate primary fiber excess length within SUS tube
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Layer Stranded Stainless Steel Tube Type
Structure Characteristic and Application
  • Bigger cable diameter and higher fiber count
  • The best balance of merchant performance for the bigger RTS and fault current capacity
  • Number of SUS OP-Unit: 1 to 3
  • Optimum stranding design. Obtain primary and secondary fiber excess length
  • The stranded layer could be single, double layers or three layers, the stranded wire could be AS wires with/or AA and AL wires
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Central Sealed Al-covered Stainless OPGW
Structure Characteristic and Application
  • AL-covered SUS tube design increasing AL sectional area, the better fault current and lightning resistance performance
  • Extremely good corrosion resistance
  • Used in the transmission line which specifies the small cable diameter and bigger fault current
  • Suitable for extremely corrosion condition, such as littoral, chemical areas
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Compressed Layer Wires Lightning Resistant Type
Structure Characteristic and Application
  • Compressing round AS wires as sector AS wires during stranding
  • Improving fault current capacity at the same cable diameter
  • Improving lightning resistant performance at the same cable diameter
  • Suitable for the transmission line which specifies the small cable diameter and bigger fault current
  • Suitable for high lightning storm areas
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Stranded Steel Tube structure
Structure Characteristic and Application
  • Replacing steel wires of conventional conductor with OP-Units or AS/steel wires and AI/AA wires
  • Replacing one of three phase conductors with OPPC. e.g.The three-phase transmission line system consists of one OPPC and two conductor
  • Mechanical characteristic, electric characteristic same with phase conductors
  • Middle & high voltage power lines without ground wire such as 10KV,35KV,66KV
  • Rebuilding telecommunications for middle & high voltage power lines in town and rural areas
  • Providing optical cable for building distribution station automatization
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