Fiber Optic:
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Optical Fiber Cable:
Optical Fiber Cable Lifetime Estimation (241 KB)
Theoretical calculations and formulas to estimate optical fiber cable's service time.
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FTTx Service:
FTTx Installation Tips (416 KB)
Guide on FTTx service installation such as the bending limit and pulling limit of fiber optic cable.
FTTH China 2009:
Technology Advances for Current and Future FTTH Networks (1,127 KB)
As FTTH and FTTB become more popular, consumers have discovered new ways to use their new bandwidth. This trend has accelerated technology development to provide lower costs today and more capacity and greater efficiency in the future.
By Stephen Hardy, Lightwave

The Future of PON ¡V Moving Beyond Triple Play (2,058 KB)
This presentation will provide insights into evolutionary scenarios, adoption timelines and review technology initiatives associated with the evolution PON.
By Armin Schulz, Motorola Inc.

Hybrid PON Fiber-Copper Architecture and Single Chip Solution (1,587 KB)
This presentation provides a novel single chip architecture that ultimately provides the best possible cost and performance solutions for MDU system applications.
By Balakumar Velmurugan, Cortina Systems, Inc.

Making 10Gbps EPON A Reality (3,353 KB)
FTTH market development in today's Japan and China, two leading nations in the world, and a comparative view of them with the rest of the world. The role of EPON in today's access networks, and the trend towards 10G EPON.
By Dr. Dong Liu, Opulan Technologies Inc.

Optical Module New Technology to Meet Massive GPON/EPON (3,011 KB)
Optical module is theindustry foundation, vertical integration ability is the only one road to solve industry requirement. Some critical issue relative with optical module affect FTTx industry development: reliability and stability etc.
By Zachary Lu, Source Photonics, Inc

GPON ¡V The Ideal PON Technology Choice (3,266 KB)
This presentation will describe in details the recent status of the GPON industry.
By Kevin Zhang, BroadLight Inc.

10GEPON Based Next Generation Access Architecture and Requirements (3,338 KB)
This presentation will focus on several key applications as driving force for 10GEPON deployment and their requirement, such as MDU deployment, protection switch, TDM clock and 1pps clock transport, and seamless 1GEPON to 10GEPON upgrade and co-existence.
By Mark Jiang, Teknovus, Inc.

Continuous Innovation, Sustainable Development - FTTx Research and Deployment (4,701 KB)
Overview on the broadband development of China Telecom. New progress in FTTx research and deployment in China Telecom.
By Wang Bo, China, Telecom

High Quality Service Delivery Over FTTH (2,338 KB)
This session will discuss the technologies that are the foundation of PMC-Sierra¡¦s EPON, GPON and 10G EPON solutions for the China market, with a focus on the use of GPON in Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) and business applications where high availability, throughput and synchronization are needed.
By Amir Sheffer, PMC-Sierra

Unified Ethernet-based FTTx Access Solution for Active Ethernet, EPON, GPON, 10G PON and LTE (2,354 KB)
This presentation explores how Carrier Ethernet is being extended as a key transport layer in access. Fiber access and wireless access will soon come to rely on a Carrier Ethernet infrastructure optimized for access, and this discussion identified those key requirements and trends.
By Thomas Eklund, Xelerated AB

FTTH APAC Market Trends & Dynamics (2,602 KB)
Depict the highest economies with highest FTTH penetration. This will be followed by some experience sharing of the latest market dynamics and giving update on the latest forecasts.
By Benjamin REBOUL, FTTH Council

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Overhead Transmission System:
Study of OPGW Performance against Lightning Strikes in UHV Transmission Lines (839 KB)
This paper investigates the ability to withstand lightning strikes by OPGW cables used in the ultra-high-voltage (UHV) power transmission lines.
By Xie Shu-Hong and Dr. Yang Ri-Sheng, ZTT Cable, Presentation on IWCS 2009, NC, USA
Influence of Radial Water Penetration on OPGW Transmission Properties and the Solution (194 KB)
This paper describes the influence of radial water penetration on fiber optic overhead ground wire (OPGW) transmission performance.
OPGW Installation Manual (1,825 KB)
Instruction on OPGW deployment. Including transpotation method, cable laying, fiber splicing and safety standard.
Safety Distance from Ground to Transmission Line (140 KB)
Safety guide on OPGW field work near transmission line in different environment.
ADSS installation Manual (6,678 KB)
Instructions and guides on ADDS installation.. Including safety measure and testing methods.
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Submarine Cable System:
Soft Joint Technique and Guarantee Measure of ZTT Long Length Submarine Cable (2,207 KB)
Techniques, procedures and measurement criterias of submarine soft joint technique.
Installation Handbook for Submarine Power Cables (417 KB)
This handbook provides some basic description to the installation affairs, precautions and methods of submarine cables.
Delivery and Transportation Schemes for ZTT Submarine Cable (140 KB)
Methods and precautions on different delivery schemes of submarine cable.
Case Study:
Submarine Cable Protection - Experience of Hong Kong, China (192 KB)
Submarine cable protection mechanism to aviod massive internet conjection when submarine damaged. By OFTA
Submarine Cable System of APCN 2 Extension in China (140 KB)
Submarine optical fiber cable connecting and landing in shallow sea.
Disruption of the Submarine Cable Systems Dec 2006 (1,548 KB)
Records ans study of internet service interuption in Hong Kong at Dec 2006 due to earthequake. This presentation also suggests ways to prevent similar situation in the future. By OFTA
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Other Knowledge:
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