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ZTT offering the most comprehensive submarine cable solution, including cable design, manufacturing and delivering; cable route planning , installation supervision and system maintance.

Submarine Optical FIber Cable
â— Sea survey
â— Route selection

By pass cliff and mountain under the sea.
By pass earthquake area

â— Construction

Crucial step on the whole project that affect the system’s transmission character and life of using
Landing operation is according to the distance between ship and landing site, terrain, water dept, water flow and gradient of ht seaside environment
(i)Float towing:
Suitable for shorter landing distance(less that 1000m), and the sea has smaller tide.
(ii)Landing ship
Suitable for longer landing distance(more than 1000m), and the sea has larger wave and current
In the shallow sea area, cables may get damaged by fishing gear and anchor. Therefore cable should be buried in the soil of shallow sea area to offer protection of cable.

â— Maintenance

Submarine cable joints are completes with special tools and joint-box, and generally are done on the board. The operation requires a skilled person with solid experience. It may take a long time to complete according to the state of sea.

Joint and tension of the armor steel wire should be consistent to guarantee the endurance of tension at the joint.

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