FTTH China 2008: :
Worldwide Trends in FTTH (1,632 KB)
This presentation will provide an overview of deployment and technology trends worldwide that will highlight both the present and the future.
By Stephen Hardy, Lightwave

10G EPON: The Next Generation PON Technology (3,173 KB)
The presentation will address the challenges and opportunities in next generation PON technology --10G EPON and its backward compatibility with 1G EPON.
By Gary Zhang, PMC-Sierra, Inc.

A Survey of EPON Readiness for Full Service Mass Deployment (2,462 KB)
This presentation will provide an assessment of EPON readiness for full service mass deployment from various aspects.
By Mark Jiang

New Progress in FTT Technology and Deployment (5,116 KB)
This presentation will introduce the research and evaluation of FTTH related technologies carried out by China Telecom, including the achievements in promoting EPON IOP and progress of GPON research and test.
By Wang Bo, China Telecom.

The Path Forward With GPON (4,353 KB)
This presentation will outline the state of the industry and the future path of ITU GPON and GPON technology.
By Dan Parson, Broadlight.

GPON Implementation of China Service Models (3,737 KB)
Describe China service models and requirements and present the GPON mechanism to implement those models and requirements
By Weining Gan, Ericsson (China).

Next Generation Passive Optical Networks (4,791 KB)
This presentation discusses the needs and requirements for next generation passive optical networks, with special emphasis on the PON chip design.
By Dr. Charles Chen, Cortina Systems, Inc.

PON Optical Module- Meet Next Generation PON Technology Trend (4,791 KB)
This presentation discusses the markets and challenges on furture PON market.
By Zachary Lu, Source Photonics


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