Shanghai World Expo 2010

We are pleased to participate in the project of Shanghai World Expo through the supply of ACSR, OPGW, electric power cable system, optical fiber cable solution and fiber distributed sensor technology for providing the electric power transmission, communication and security services directly to Shanghai Expo as well as Shanghai City.  This can achieve the Expo [...]


ZTT Cable release latest technical paper at IWCS 2009, USA

(North Corolina, USA, 2009)  ZTT Cable’s latest technical paper “Study of OPGW Performance against Lightning Strikesin UHV Transmission Lines” will be publish on 58th IWCS (International Wire & Cable Symposium) Conference.
The paper investigates the ability to withstand lightning strikes by OPGW cables used in the ultra-high-voltage (UHV) power transmission lines. Lighting strikes is one of the major faults [...]


“The Father of Fiber Optics” Get Nobel

Source: ” ‘Masters of Light’ Get Nobel”, The Wall Street journal, 7 Oct 09
Three scientists who harnessed the power of light in ways that helped turn the Internet into a global phenomenon and launched the digital-camera revolution were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday.
Charles Kao, who received half the total prize money [...]

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