Shanghai World Expo 2010


We are pleased to participate in the project of Shanghai World Expo through the supply of ACSR, OPGW, electric power cable system, optical fiber cable solution and fiber distributed sensor technology for providing the electric power transmission, communication and security services directly to Shanghai Expo as well as Shanghai City.  This can achieve the Expo theme - “Better City, Better Life”.

Shanghai World Expo opens on 1 May 2010 and lasts for 184 days.  Over 70 million visitors are anticipated from all over the world.  This World Expo is an international fair for showing a new perspective in economic, cultural and technological areas and also has created several records:

l           The first hosed by a developing country

l           The largest volunteer team deployed

l           An unprecedented number of participating countries (192) and international organizations (50) 

We are pound of being a member of Shanghai World Expo.  Welcome to Shanghai World Expo!

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