ZTT passed UJ authentication firstly in China

ZTT Cable passed UJ certificate awarded by UJC (Universal Joint Union) and it indicated china’s enterprise has entered international deep sea cable market.  A complete Trans-Pacific submarine cable transmission system is very complex and how to run and maintain it effective is a worldwide problem. UJC (Universal Joint Union) is an international authority in submarine cable field. Companies such as Alcatel-lucent, GMSL, KSC and Tyco are its members. 

In 2007, ZTT Cable researched and designed deep sea cable can be used for 5000m water depth, and then trial produced type deep sea cable can be used for 8000m water depth. ZTT Cable passed 18 technical tests and all test process and means are scientific, reasonable, and credible. After two years of hard efforts, ZTT Cable obtained UJ certificate which is the passport enter international submarine cable market finally. This is first step of ZTT Cable deep sea cable access to international market and ZTT Cable will constantly seek greater development.

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