Hong Kong Ranked The 3rd At Broadband Quality Study

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A study shows that broadband quality of Hong Kong was the third in the world, just followed with Japan, Korea, which also located at Asian pacific.

The study aims to highlight each nation’s ability to cope with next-generation web applications such as high-quality video streaming. It was carried out by a team of MBA students from [...]


ZTT passed UJ authentication firstly in China

ZTT Cable passed UJ certificate awarded by UJC (Universal Joint Union) and it indicated china’s enterprise has entered international deep sea cable market.  A complete Trans-Pacific submarine cable transmission system is very complex and how to run and maintain it effective is a worldwide problem. UJC (Universal Joint Union) is an international authority in submarine cable [...]


Submarine Fiber Optic Cables Damaged in Asia Disaster

Typhoon Morakat damages undersea cables, disrupting Internet and telephone services in Asia
Source: Associated Press
TAIPEI, Taiwan - Seabed movements believed caused by Typhoon Morakat damaged seven undersea cables linking Asian nations, disrupting Internet and telephone services, a Taiwanese telephone company said Friday.
Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom, which jointly operates four cables in the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and [...]

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